3 Traditional Must-Use Herbs

When it comes to nootropics and improving brain health, there are a set number of must-use products that everyone will tout. For many, the common combination includes caffeine and L-theanine and then piracetam and choline. However, if you are looking for traditional herbs to meet your cognitive advantage needs, you might want to look in another direction.

maxresdefaultThere are 3 traditional herbs from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine that you should definitely look in to if you want to have the greatest luck with nootropics that are safe, have a potent effect on the brain, and are going to be affordable as well.

  1. Asian ginseng – found across China, Korea, and other parts of Asia, this herb is popular for a number of different reasons. It was found and used by ancient Chinese cultures and is still used today not just as a substance for nootropics, but for other purposes as well.
  2. Bacopa monneri – this Indian herb is used by children in rural villages to this day. It is a fat soluble herb that can improve your cognitive abilities and reduce anxiety. The mental performance benefits that most people see when using bacopa are due, in large part, to the benefits of anxiety-reduction.
  3. Ashwagandha – another Indian option, this is known for improving memory and cognitive abilities. You’ll see that it is slightly different than bacopa monnieri, but they are both used by the same civilizations and societies. If you use this in combination with other herbs, you’ll have most of your bases covered.

When improving your general cognitive abilities, it is important to make sure that you are able to get the right kind of support that is not only studied, but also safe and less invasive for your body.

Russian Medical Practices for Memory Loss

It was only 50 or so years ago that the Romanian Soviet Union scientist discovered piracetam. Since then, the drug has gone on to launch a revolution for improving brain health. Whenever someone utters the word “nootropic” the first drug that often comes to mind is piracetam because it was the first one to be coined as such. In the 1970s, humans started to use piracetam and the other derivatives to improve their brain health.

russiaHowever, this is a process that has gone on for some time across the globe. For most of the world it is just a way of improving memory and brain health, but for the Russian medical establishment, it is a whole lot more. Russian medical professionals have been prescribing piracetam and the other derivatives (like noopept) for decades. People who are suffering from memory loss or early signs of Alzheimer’s disease are prescribed this drug as a way of improving their cognitive performance and it is working wonders.

Many of the former Soviet Union countries are using the same tactic to improve their patients who are struggling with memory loss. There is a reason for this: it works. Besides the fact that there are many human trials on the subject, it is tested on thousands of people every single day in these countries. Because of this, there is questioning when the United States will start to pick up the same drugs and use it to improve memory and prevent Alzheimer’s.

While there is no telling when this might happen, it is a position that a lot of people are torn about. If the western world starts to provide these racetams for memory loss, then it is a matter of time before they are restricted and prescribed, which means people cannot buy them online.

3 Ayurvedic Medicines You Need in Your Home

Everyone knows about the myths and stereotypes about Indian medicine and their remedies. If you have spent time in the health space at all, you are aware of the different remedies that constitute Ayurvedic medicine. This is a traditional and well respected form of medicine that has proliferated in the east, but is now becoming evermore popular in the west as well. There are plenty of reasons for this, but it is important to look at the most important herbs that you can use.Ayurvedic Medicine

  1. Bacopa monnieri – this is by far the most popular and used nootropic from Ayurvedic medicine. Used by the popular mainstream products, such as Alpha Brain, as well as the stand alone herbs, it is something you can use as a “fix all”. No matter what your goal is, bacopa will help to reach it. If your goal is to concentrate more, bacopa can help because it will remove anxiety and enhance performance.
  2. Holy basil – unlike most other Ayurvedic herbs, holy basil is meant for you to relax and have a more enjoyable and peaceful experience. You’ll find that when you use holy basil, you are able to relax a lot more, feel better, and thus have a better anxiety-free experience.
  3. Ashwagandha – this is a powerful and potent nootropic herb that can help you to improve your general cognition as well. While it is not as popular as bacopa monnieri, it is still a potent and effective nootropic.

It is a good idea for you to try out each of these and see how it fits into your goals and routine. Nonetheless, it is important to note just how safe all of these herbs are. Compared to other nootropics, this is one of the safest options you are going to find.

3 Active Things to Do on Rest Days

For people who workout a lot, rest days can be seen as a tiresome and unfortunate period. When working out is fun and exciting a rest day just signifies a slowing in pace that is grueling for some people. When it comes to taking a rest day, we all know it is necessary and it is in these periods where we can grow the most. Strong people the world over will tell you that it is in their rest periods where they get the strongest and best.

However, you can still be active when you are engaging with a rest day. Just because you are resting does not mean you have to stop exercising or being active. Here are 3 main things you can do.

  1. walking the dogWalking – not only is walking great for your brain, but it is also great for your body. You are going to quickly find that walking engages parts of your brain and body that you might not have imagined in the past. By walking in order to improve your health, you are going to burn more fat because it is a low intensity exercise as well. In general it releases all types of brain chemicals that are great for your brain.
  2. Stretching and foam rolling – self care is one of the best things that you can do on a rest day to make sure that you are not falling victim to injuries that keep you out of the gym in the long run. With a foam roller, you can make sure your tissues are not getting too tight or harmed. You can also make sure old injuries don’t become a problem again.
  3. Play with friends – there are plenty of skilled based exercises, such as jiu jitsu, passing a soccer ball, or even playing tennis. All of these things are skills that give you some exercise and can be extremely fun and rewarding at the same time. This isn’t going to really cut into your break day if you do it well enough!